Friday, April 20, 2007

Berrocco & Lantern Moon

Thought in addition to the usual FO's and WIP's and stuff, I'd mention some wonderful customer service from these two companies.I had chosen a Berrocco yarn - Love It Colors - to knit up a pair of very long sleeves/gauntlets for our SnB exchange. I emailed the company about the fact that the yarn was not dyed in such a way as to be able to make both gauntlets 'match'. In fact, there was a predominance of one color in one ball, diferent from the first. In any case, I got a really prompt, personal response explaining that this yarn is really best used for larger projects, but she offered to send me a free gauntlet pattern and a skein of yarn in the color of my choice. They arrived in the mailed shortly after the emails. Must've been my week for challenges, as I also purchased Lantern Moon Sox Stix in the cute little bag for $22. This was a bit pricey, but I wanted to knit some little baby socks,for soon to be born Addyson and thought I'd like the shorter stix. On the very first tiny little sock, in knitting two together, I snapped not one but TWO rosewood needles. I'm not terribly strong, nor do I have big powerful hands, so I emailed the company and received a lovely, prompt response that they would replace the stix. It's just nice to know in a day and age where I thought customer service had been outsourced and with it any modicum of true customer service, these two companies came through. Now that I got a new password, (I hadn't blogged in so long I forgot mine and had to keep commenting as 'anonymous') I shall post some photos later today or tomorrow some FO's and the beautiful pillow I received in our spring exchange!


Blogger Kit said...

Ah, that's refreshing to hear. I'm so glad you got the personal attention we all need in this day and age.

8:34 AM  

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