Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Knitting at the Utah State Fair

While I'm waiting to dial in to an early morning conference call, thought I'd try to get my blog updated. Loved Blogless Val's post about knitting socks while waiting, which is exactly how and why I was willing to wait two hours to see Terry Fador at the Utah State Fair! It was worth it and we sat in the second row and waited and waited. While my husband complained about people casting shadows on the pages of his book, I was able to knit well into the leg of my sock. I later decided to frog it, as it was going to be too big for may skinny ankles, but no matter, it was the perfect way to pass the time. I had also frogged it once before, because I thought it would be two small. Just call me Red Riding Hood....BTW, Terry Fador won "America's Got Talent". He's a ventriloquist/singer who is truly amazing. It was confirmed by one of the ushers that infact he'd been booked to the fair prior to his winning the competition. And how refreshing that someone seemingly so nice and hard working as well as telented actually won. And all it cost to see him was the price of admission to the fair. Also this weekend I finished and gifted the poncho I knit for DS's girlfriend. She loved it and the colorway, which she hand selected is perfect for her. The pattern is "Mary" from the fairly costly book, Laines du Nord Simple Knits Book 4 and knit in Sublime charcoal. Finished my EZ Baby Surprise Jacket homework assignment. Just LOVE working on this. And also a little pair of baby booties and the label is missing, but I think the yarn is Mirage Karabella. Hung out over the weekend at Great Basin Fiber Festival and took a beginning spindle class. I thought I might just be the one hopeless all thumbs failure, but at SNB, Susan and Laurie helped me see that I, too, can do this! I should post my blobs of 'spun' fiber, as it might give others hope.
Last, but not least, spent the past two days with my grandbaby! I am so grateful that we indeed migrated west so that we could be close to my kids and grand daughter. We celebrated DS' birthday last week, and he said it was his best birthday in years, since the last four he celebrated with no family. And he really meant it!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Nothing is as it Appears to Be....

I have some neat stuff on my needles and in my camera. And none of them appear now as they are intended as FO's. For instance, I'm taking a great class with Susan who is teaching us how to make Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket. First class was yesterday and I coldn't wait to get home to do my 'homework'. Of course, in my enthusiasm, I knitted right past the increase line, so the afternoon was not without it's usually frogging, but my assignment is now done, and I'm ready for the next class. I just love knitting projects in a class, since I know they will be completed sooner rather than later. The Surprise Baby Jacket is being done in Encore Colorspun for my grand daughter to wear probably NEXT winter. Also nearing completion is a poncho for my son's girlfriend, being knit out of Sublime - only 10 more inches to go. This has actually been a wonderful exercise in a very, very basic lace knit, sorta kinda. And I can actually knit along in conversation without constantly referring to a chart. (Doesn't mean this hasn't been without it's fair share of frogging back, however....). I've also completed a hat for Addy with a duck's bill. Just have to sew on the eyes & I will post next time. Promised DD I'd knit the webbed footed booties as well. DD had better never again chastise me for ever dressing her in what she perceived as embarrassing garments when she was little!! (Though of course I never did that....)
Last but not least, I have to post some none-knitting photos. Not only are the Baby Jacket and poncho "surprises", but I was extremely surprised to see so many leaves turning when we drove up to Soldiers Hollow to watch the Border Collie sheep herding competition.
And I took these photos while out on Antelope Island on Labor Day. Can you see the wizardly, old man?
So this is what SLC, UT looks like tipped up. The apex is actually North Salt Lake. How cool it was as we drove home to identify the actual 'eyes'.
Cool rocket ship, no?

Thursday, August 30, 2007

SnB-SLC is The BEST anywhere

It is. I believe this without knowing any other SnB anywhere else. Why is this, you might ask? Well, how about Ten Things that make the Salt Lake City SnB the Best SnB? and feel free to come up with you own list! 1. The outpouring of sincere emotion for our sweet David's passing 2. The warm, friendly location where we meet and eat the Best BLT's and Italian sodas in SLC - The Jitterbug 3. A really, really diverse group. Really diverse. 4. Everyone gets a Cheers' "NORM" greeting when they walk in the door - everyone might not actually know your name, yet, but they know what's on your needles, and eventually everyone does know your name 5. You can be MIA and everyone still welcomes you back like you neve left (but they were wondering where you've been...)and YOU wonder why in the world you would ever have gone MIA from this group in the first place? 6. We have multi-talented members who go whole hog into whatever it is they do - likeLaurie, who didn't stop at learning to make soap just for herself. Uh uh. She launched a business! Blessed Juno soap is the most wonderful, aromatic soap and she is always developing new formulations, fragrances & textures out of the best natural ingredients, and we of the SLC-SnB get to try and buy first - like her "Hand Knit", created just in time for our anniversary. 7. Diet busting birthday parties 8.The best Vet referral so that now my poor Maggie's miserable skin troubles are almost over. And: 9 & 10, Tah-dah!: Susan and Mim - We have not ONE, but TWO recently published designers here in our SLC SnB. Susan has two of her sock patterns in Vogue's new Ultimate Sock Book, and Miriam's breathless Icarus Shawl is gracing the cover of the just published Best of Interweave Knits http://bestofknits.blogspot.com/ Not their first publications, but certainly high profile! What are you're Top Ten reasons why your Snb is the Best? It's just an honor and such good fortune to be able to slip away to this cocoon for 3 hours every week! I'm trying to move off of blogger and over to typepad and reactivate my blog there, but haven't quite figured it all out yet, so I will post photos next time.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Berrocco & Lantern Moon

Thought in addition to the usual FO's and WIP's and stuff, I'd mention some wonderful customer service from these two companies.I had chosen a Berrocco yarn - Love It Colors - to knit up a pair of very long sleeves/gauntlets for our SnB exchange. I emailed the company about the fact that the yarn was not dyed in such a way as to be able to make both gauntlets 'match'. In fact, there was a predominance of one color in one ball, diferent from the first. In any case, I got a really prompt, personal response explaining that this yarn is really best used for larger projects, but she offered to send me a free gauntlet pattern and a skein of yarn in the color of my choice. They arrived in the mailed shortly after the emails. Must've been my week for challenges, as I also purchased Lantern Moon Sox Stix in the cute little bag for $22. This was a bit pricey, but I wanted to knit some little baby socks,for soon to be born Addyson and thought I'd like the shorter stix. On the very first tiny little sock, in knitting two together, I snapped not one but TWO rosewood needles. I'm not terribly strong, nor do I have big powerful hands, so I emailed the company and received a lovely, prompt response that they would replace the stix. It's just nice to know in a day and age where I thought customer service had been outsourced and with it any modicum of true customer service, these two companies came through. Now that I got a new password, (I hadn't blogged in so long I forgot mine and had to keep commenting as 'anonymous') I shall post some photos later today or tomorrow some FO's and the beautiful pillow I received in our spring exchange!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Baby FO's etc

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Baby FO's etc.